Blood Collection and Lancets

VACUCARE Blood Collection Tubes, Multi Sample Needles, Torniquet, Blood Donor Chairs, Sharps Containers, Stainless Steel Flat Lancet, Twist Off Tip Lancet, Auto Safety Lancet

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Aneroid Hand Held, Aneroid Desk or Wall Mounted, Aneroid Mobile, Mercury Desk Top, Mercury Mobile, HaVIDA DH-18, Fully Automatic Wrist BP Monitor, Fully Automatic BP Monitor

Capital Medical Equipment

Electrocardiograph (ECG), Automatic External Defibrillators - AED, Pulse Oximetry, Surgical Suction, Ultrasound Scanner, Spirometry, Diathermy – Electrosurgery, Patient Monitor


Brain, The Muscular System Chart, The Gastrointestinal System Chart, Anatomy of the Heart Chart, The Human Skeleton Chart, Ear, Human Eye Anatomical Chart, Heart, Kidney, Pelvis, Skeleton

Hospital Equipment, Surgical Equipment & Hollow-Ware

Surgical Instruments, Stainless Steel & Plastic Hollow-ware, Examination Couch, Bedside Steps, Ward Screen, Drip Stand, Infant Radiant Warmer, Mayo Instrument Trolley, Operating Table

Laboratory Consumables

Microtome Blades, Slides and Cover Slips, Swab Sticks, Lens Tissues, Pasteur Pipettes, Petri Dishes, Centrifuge Tubes, Micro Centrifuge Tubes and Cryovials, Specimen Containers, Pipette Tips, Anti Sera, Urine Dipsticks, Clinical Chemistry Reagents, Rapid Latex Kits, Rapid Tests

Laboratory Equipment

Single & Multichannel Pipettes and Controllers, Centrifuges, Laminar Flow Cabinet, Shakers and Mixers, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Waterbath, pH DO ISE Multi Parameter Meters & Hygrometers, Count Up-Down Digital Timer, Fridge & Minima-Maxima Thermometers, Tally Counter, Microscopes, Laboratory Ovens & Incubators

Medical and Surgical

Paraffin Gauze, Surgical Wound Suction (Drain), Green Gauze and Gauze Rolls, Thoracic Trocar Catheter, Sterile Surgical Drapes, X-Ray Film Supplies and Accessories, Gloves, 1st Aid Kits, Surgical Blades

Minor Medical Equipment

Nebulizer Piston Type, Stethoscope, Diagnostic Set, Laryngoscope, Resuscitation Bag, Clinical Thermometers, Foetal Doppler

Pap Smear Products

Disposable & Reusable Vaginal Speculums, Cervical Brush, Slide Mailer, Ayer’s Spatulas, Microscope Slides, Cover Slips, Cytological Fixative, Stains & Chemicals


Baby Scale Digital, Baby Scale Mechanical, Baby Hanging Scale, Mechanical Bathroom Scale, Digital Bathroom Scale, Laboratory & Analytical Balances, Physician Scale Mechanical, Physician Scale Digital

Sterilisation Products

Autoclave Tape, Sterilisation Pouches and Reels, Autoclave Bags, Pressure Cooker Type Autoclaves, Table-Top Type Autoclaves, Vertical Type Autoclaves
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